Monday, July 16, 2007

Rest in Peace, little Micki

Micki died on Saturday morning. I am incredibly sad about it. We only had her 5 days and I already was so attached to her. It is amazing how quickly animals can steal your heart.

She seemed so much better but then on Thursday seemed to take a turn for the worst. She was very listless on Friday. Then on Saturday morning B came into the bedroom saying, "Micki is cold!" She was still alive then. We tried to get her warm. I put some of the vitamin mixture into her mouth and some water. She licked my hand.

B drove to the emergency pet clinic while I held her little body against me, petting her and talking to her. Partway there I said to B, "I can't tell if she is breathing anymore!"

B rushed her into the clinic and they took her to the back. They said she arrived deceased.

Poor little thing. She had such a hard life. I take some comfort that at least for her last week she had a good place to sleep, clean water and good food. And love. And kindness.

I am crying again. Poor little girl.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Since we found her in a McDonald's parking lot, we are going to call her Micki.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mommy, can we keep it?

We saved a life this weekend.

On Sunday we were out for the day and stopped at a McDonald's restaurant to get a bite to eat when we witnessed a near-accident. A little white puppy was nearly run over by a truck. B quickly parked the car and ran over to find the little dog who had staggered under a nearby car.

What he found a tiny little emaciated puppy. The poor little thing is so thin you can count every rib and every vertebrae in her back. Her little hipbones stick out and she can barely walk she is so weak. With a heat index of over 100 she probably would not have lived until the end of the day.

B picked it up and brought her to me. We took her into the restaurant and told the people behind the counter that we found her in their parking lot. They gave us a bottle of milk and a hamburger patty.

We got back into our car and I offered some milk to her. She didn't drink any so I dipped a napkin in the milk and put it in her mouth. She sucked it up and then she started lapping the milk. After she finished that I fed her the hamburger patty in tiny little pieces. Meanwhile B got a vet's office on the phone. They said that it is a good sign that she is eating and we could bring her in if we wanted or take her to our own vet in the morning.

After eating she slept the rest of the afternoon either on my lap or on E's.

On the way home we stopped at the store and bought some puppy food and flea shampoo. She was absolutely infested with fleas and we gave her a bath in the driveway, picking dozens of fleas from her little body while she mewled piteously.

She is young, still with her little needle-sharp puppy teeth. I think she is some kind of Chihuahua or maybe a Chihuahua mix of some kind.

I cannot understand how someone could treat a little puppy like this. She has obviously not eaten in weeks and I don't see how such a tiny dog could last long on the streets, especially with temperatures in the 90s like they have been. Though if people can put babies in dumpsters I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone could mistreat a puppy. But it just breaks my heart. Even with so much misery in her young life, she is still a sweet little thing who will come to you and rest her head on your hand and lick your fingers.

It looks like we've got ourselves a pursedog.

More like Paris every day, I guess.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Compliments are Power

I read this someplace else a few weeks ago and then forgot to post about it. Then I read it again today on The Dilbert blog and it got me thinking again.

It really is true. When I was learning to be a scuba instructor we were taught to tell the students something positive as soon as they exited the water. It could be anything, what you said didn't matter, but the first thing you should say is something to make your students feel good about themselves.

No matter how bad a day you have had you will feel better if someone says something nice to you.

If it takes too long for your hamburger at lunch, don't yell at the waitperson, say they look nice or they are very cheerful. I guarantee you will get better service. At a drive-up window say something nice to the person handing you your lunch,your change, your receipt. It will make them smile. You will too.

This is really a win-win scenario. Not only will you lift up someone else it will leave you feeling better too.

Try it. It really works.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

My sweet son wishes everyone a happy Fourth of July:

E on the 4th of July from itsjustme and Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Waiting for Godot...

Reading Julie's post re: getting to donor egg made me think about our own journey. B & I were married in 1993 and stopped using BC in 1995. I saw my first specialist in 1996. Unfortunately we did not aggresively seek treatment as life issues got in the way (not my issues but peripherally affected me so I will not discuss them in this forum...suffice it to say nasty business...lost lots of $$$ and time).

Began to actively try again in 1998. I went first to the Doctor Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken In My Presence. Now I suppose Dr. WNSNBSIMP is a competent enough doctor. He diagnosed my horrible horrible horrible periods and took out the Dermoid Cyst that made me writhe on the floor in agony so I suppose he has that going for him...but his bedside manner. No.

Let me take a moment and say I had the worst migraine headaches you can imagine. No, don't tell me how bad yours were; you weren't in my head and I am not in yours so I will not make statements about how my headache could beat your headache and send it flying to the curb. I will not go there. They came complete with a Full Complement of Migraine Symptoms.

  1. Severe, horrible throbbing pain over my right temple. Only the right one. Grab my head, wrench it off and replace it with Barbie's plastic head. Please.
  2. Nausea - yup - many times had to pull off the road to throw up because of the nausea...and I didn't even get to have the fun of getting sloppy drunk and thrown out of the club.
  3. Elmer FuddSensitivity to smells - oh, god. I love coffee; I love food, I love the smell of food. But when Mygraine came to visit. No. No coffee. No cologne. No. Nothing with any smell at all.
  4. Sensitivity to light - lock me in a cave and roll a boulder in front of the door and I, too will rise in 3 (or maybe 4) days.
  5. Sensitivity to noises - be vewwy vewwy qwiet...

And add to the Mygraine my horrible cramps as Dermoid was growing to encompass my abdomen. Laying on a bathroom floor at work because I didn't have the strength to walk out to the car.

Why didn't you go to a doctor, you idiot? Okay I was stupid. I had some really bad medical advice previously and I believed them moron that I am. Doctors tried prescribing things for my headaches for years, but nothing worked. One (idiot) nurse told me that her headaches cleared up when she went through menopause. Who says that to a 30-year old? Bitch.

Anyway, Dr. WNSNBSIMP delivered a by now tennis ball-sized Demoid in July 1999 along with one fully-involved and now totally useless ovary. Hey, I wasn't using it anyway. I asked him about having children. He said:

"You will never have children."

That's it. Nothing else. No hope at all.

I cried. be continued...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Lordy How Things Can Change...

What we did on Saturday:

What we did on Sunday: