Friday, July 06, 2007

Compliments are Power

I read this someplace else a few weeks ago and then forgot to post about it. Then I read it again today on The Dilbert blog and it got me thinking again.

It really is true. When I was learning to be a scuba instructor we were taught to tell the students something positive as soon as they exited the water. It could be anything, what you said didn't matter, but the first thing you should say is something to make your students feel good about themselves.

No matter how bad a day you have had you will feel better if someone says something nice to you.

If it takes too long for your hamburger at lunch, don't yell at the waitperson, say they look nice or they are very cheerful. I guarantee you will get better service. At a drive-up window say something nice to the person handing you your lunch,your change, your receipt. It will make them smile. You will too.

This is really a win-win scenario. Not only will you lift up someone else it will leave you feeling better too.

Try it. It really works.

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Hey, a fellow scuba instructor :-)