Monday, July 09, 2007

Mommy, can we keep it?

We saved a life this weekend.

On Sunday we were out for the day and stopped at a McDonald's restaurant to get a bite to eat when we witnessed a near-accident. A little white puppy was nearly run over by a truck. B quickly parked the car and ran over to find the little dog who had staggered under a nearby car.

What he found a tiny little emaciated puppy. The poor little thing is so thin you can count every rib and every vertebrae in her back. Her little hipbones stick out and she can barely walk she is so weak. With a heat index of over 100 she probably would not have lived until the end of the day.

B picked it up and brought her to me. We took her into the restaurant and told the people behind the counter that we found her in their parking lot. They gave us a bottle of milk and a hamburger patty.

We got back into our car and I offered some milk to her. She didn't drink any so I dipped a napkin in the milk and put it in her mouth. She sucked it up and then she started lapping the milk. After she finished that I fed her the hamburger patty in tiny little pieces. Meanwhile B got a vet's office on the phone. They said that it is a good sign that she is eating and we could bring her in if we wanted or take her to our own vet in the morning.

After eating she slept the rest of the afternoon either on my lap or on E's.

On the way home we stopped at the store and bought some puppy food and flea shampoo. She was absolutely infested with fleas and we gave her a bath in the driveway, picking dozens of fleas from her little body while she mewled piteously.

She is young, still with her little needle-sharp puppy teeth. I think she is some kind of Chihuahua or maybe a Chihuahua mix of some kind.

I cannot understand how someone could treat a little puppy like this. She has obviously not eaten in weeks and I don't see how such a tiny dog could last long on the streets, especially with temperatures in the 90s like they have been. Though if people can put babies in dumpsters I guess I shouldn't be surprised that someone could mistreat a puppy. But it just breaks my heart. Even with so much misery in her young life, she is still a sweet little thing who will come to you and rest her head on your hand and lick your fingers.

It looks like we've got ourselves a pursedog.

More like Paris every day, I guess.

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