Friday, August 25, 2006

Ballon envy

Antique Mommy is my new best friend. We have lots in common. Okay we have one thing in common. We are older mommies and have little boys. Most of all, I love this post.

Makes me think about balloons in a whole new way.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not for the food snobs

Interesting article i read over on MSNBC today (A Pantry Full of Guilty Pleasures). It got me smiling and thinking of my own guilty food pleasures.

First of all I will have to agree with the Ramen. Oh, it is a great little lunch. You don't have to cook it (just use the hot water dispenser); just plop the noodle-cake into a gladware container, pour the hot water over and wait a few minutes. Then pour over the salty-MSG-y goodness (the whole packet now...don't be stingy) and slurp up the noodley goodness. MMMM-MMMM!

My next guilty pleasure would have to be Stouffer's macaroni & cheese. Oh is there anything more warming than the cheesy, artery-clogging goodness of this heavenly concoction? MM-good! I especially love any of the half-burned cheese that sticks to the container. Yum Yum.

Then for dessert a box of Junior Mints. What can go wrong with this combination? It's minty, it's chocolaty. I'm happy.

After a day munching on these guilty pleasures (topped off, of course, with a giant bowl of popcorn - extra butter, extra salt), then I am a happy person.

...standing in line at the cardiac ward..

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Target Sux

I know that there are people who extoll the virtues of Target, SuperTarget, et al. Once upon a time I might have been among you (hey, I still like them...I'm just a little pissed off right now).

Today I went in (on my lunch hour) and dumped almost $200 small chunk of change. I paid with my debit card (who carries cash anyway?) and requested $20 cash back, expecting to be asked, 'How do you want that?'

The bored, disinterested 20-year old behind the register punched in the requisite buttons on her register, pulled out a $20 bill and slammed the drawer shut.

"Um, could I have two $10s please?"

"I can't open the drawer just for change."

(...ummm...see above re: TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS just handed over...)

(annoyed) "So how can I get change?"

Waving in the general direction of 'Customer Service' (and I use that term loosely), "Over there."

I walk up to the 'service' desk. "Can I have two 10s, please?"

"I can't open the drawer just for cash." She calls for the manager.

Now if I had just walked in off the street and asked for change for bus money, maybe I could see why everyone was treating me as if I were some bum asking for a handout, but I am dressed in a business-like manner, carrying my Coach bag and I HAD JUST DUMPED $200 ON THEIR CORPORATE ASSES!!!

(Manager merely confirms the "can't open drawer yada yada yada..." corporate weenie)

Now I am mad (...letter to Target corporate headquarters forthcoming...).

Not mad enough to return the merchandise.

But close.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bad Job

I was reading the other day about some poor schmuck that got fired by text message. Come on! How freaking tacky is that?!! The idiot company says it was 'keeping in touch with youth culture' by firing someone while they were out sick. Yeah. Sure. Some wimpy-ass manager was too chicken to tell her in person so they wimped-out and sent a text message.

This reminds me of the time my brother got fired while he was on vacation. Okay, technically they fired him on his first day back but it was still lame-assed. He had worked for that crappy company (Seattle Filmworks) for like 6 or 7 years and the first time he takes a vacation they get someone at 3/4 his salary and give him the boot. That sucks big donkey testicles.

This was years ago and it still fries my cookies.