Thursday, August 10, 2006

Target Sux

I know that there are people who extoll the virtues of Target, SuperTarget, et al. Once upon a time I might have been among you (hey, I still like them...I'm just a little pissed off right now).

Today I went in (on my lunch hour) and dumped almost $200 small chunk of change. I paid with my debit card (who carries cash anyway?) and requested $20 cash back, expecting to be asked, 'How do you want that?'

The bored, disinterested 20-year old behind the register punched in the requisite buttons on her register, pulled out a $20 bill and slammed the drawer shut.

"Um, could I have two $10s please?"

"I can't open the drawer just for change."

(...ummm...see above re: TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS just handed over...)

(annoyed) "So how can I get change?"

Waving in the general direction of 'Customer Service' (and I use that term loosely), "Over there."

I walk up to the 'service' desk. "Can I have two 10s, please?"

"I can't open the drawer just for cash." She calls for the manager.

Now if I had just walked in off the street and asked for change for bus money, maybe I could see why everyone was treating me as if I were some bum asking for a handout, but I am dressed in a business-like manner, carrying my Coach bag and I HAD JUST DUMPED $200 ON THEIR CORPORATE ASSES!!!

(Manager merely confirms the "can't open drawer yada yada yada..." corporate weenie)

Now I am mad (...letter to Target corporate headquarters forthcoming...).

Not mad enough to return the merchandise.

But close.


Anonymous said...

Are you fucking serious?? You're mad because you got a $20 bill instead of
2 10s??

Talk about a MAJOR bitch.

And because you spent $200 doesn't give you a right to be a bitch. Good thing they didn't answer to your request.

sheilah said...

Yeah, like I care about someone so spineless as to post anonymously.

And spending money does give me the right to expect good customer service.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying that Target Sucks for the last 4 years, take a look at: