Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Multimedia message

E from my phone

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out of baby jail

E is being 'delivered' to our house tonight. At least he will be out of foster care, but B can not sleep in the house. So he will sleep in my in-law's van.

Is that stupid or what?

Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, the 'discovery' was every bit as stupid as I thought it would be. It all seems to prove OUR case!! They have E's medical records (which our lawyer gave to them after I gave them to her) showing that all of his pedes have thought that E was completely healthy with no sign of abuse.

They had some child psychologist, supposedly an expert in questioning children, evaluate E. His findings?

"The child is intelligent and disclosed no physical DV* b/w the parents."

In this discovery, their own workers describe E as "bright", "articulate", "happy", and "healthy" with "no signs of abuse."

Why the f!#$! won't these people give my boy back!!!?????

*DV = domestic violence

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Yesterday we appeared in court to go before the judge and say "Balderdash!" (well, okay, we said 'Deny' because that is the terminology in these types of cases). Now it is up to the prosecution to prove that somehow we did something that put E "in imminent danger of abuse, neglect, or abandonment."

We finally received discovery from the other side. I am going to pick it up from our attorney later this morning. I will look through it tonight VERY carefully and make notes on everything that they got wrong (they served us papers with Evan's birthdate as 11/25/1998, our address was wrong, my name was wrong, and many more careless and stupid are these people??!!!).

The prosecution has stipulated that E can come home if B's mother comes out from Texas and stays with us. They first will have to do a 'home study' to make sure we have picked the guns, knives and hypodermic needles up off of the floor and we don't store our drugs and alcohol in baby bottles and milk know...that sort of stuff.

You know how much I will LOVE living with my MIL (blech) but at least E will be out of foster care.

The pre-trial is set for January 4th.

...and the saga continues...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Really, really bad place

This could possibly be the worst holiday season ever in my life topping even the year my mother died (3 days before Christmas, 1989).

We have the ass-holiest neighbors in the history of the world. They have been so neighborly as to call the Department of Children and Families who have swooped down and removed my child from my home because my husband wears shorts. E is sitting in a foster home while we fight the crappy state of Florida, the state that has the highest incidence of removing children from their parent's homes (they received $3.5 million dollars from the Federal government for this).

All DCF has is an anonymous phone call saying that B wears shorts in the neighborhood. I kid you not!!! If anyone has a burning interest I will email you the full text of the allegations.

Anyway, here is Evan's birthday photograph, taken in the 'nurturing center' where we get one 1-hour supervised visit per week with him.

Bet you didn't know that Florida has a dress code and if you don't abide by it they take away your children.