Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Stouffer's ravioli...with meat sauce.

Mmmmm good!

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Little Anorexic

I have something in common with Marilyn Monroe. No, it is not her famous mole or her many husbands. It is not her money or her glamorous lifestyle or how batshit CRAZY she was (tho' some may dispute that last one).

I used to wear the same size she did; size 10.

And in today’s crazy world a size 10 is considered CHUBBY. Marilyn Monroe, perhaps one of the most famous SEX SYMBOLS of all time would be considered too fat for Hollywood.

I started thinking about this when I was reading someone else’s blog (okay…it was Tertia) and saw a picture of her where she described herself as ‘Barbie thin’ and said how she loved being that thin. What started my somewhat addlepated wheels churning was wondering what she thought when she was that thin. Was she satisfied at that weight? Or did she think to herself, ‘…maybe 5 pounds…’ (that’s about 2 kilos for you more enlightened countries).

I know I did. Looking back at pictures of myself I can’t believe that I was not happy with how I looked. I know I always wanted to lose just 10 pounds…then I would be perfect.

Now I know I will NEVER be anorexic…I just love to eat too much, but I am wondering if we are all just a little anorexic.

Judging by some of the men wearing speedos on the beach (AAGGGHHH my eyes!!) they don’t seem to have this problem.

Are we, as women, ever satisfied with our looks?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Sleep of Innocents

I was watching my son sleep last night. I love that. He is so beautiful and innocent. I saw the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. I saw his hair, tousled in sleep falling over his forehead; his long eyelashes caressing his chubby cheeks. I could smell the baby shampoo in his hair and the soap smell of his skin. I heard the soughing of his breaths. I heard:

“Just do it!”

My son. The Nike commercial.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Toddler Conversation

My son has discovered the joys of talking on the phone. This is a relatively recent discovery of his. When he first started talking we had to drag words out of him.

Me: Say 'hello' to Grandma, E.

E: *silence*

Me: Say 'hello' E.

E: *breathes into phone*

Me: He really does talk...

...three hours later...

Me: Hang in there Grandma...drink some coffee...have a valium...ahh...she hung up...


Recently I had the following telephone conversation with my son:

Me (at work): Hello?

E: Hello...Yeah...Hi, mommy...I like you...*silence*...yeah...the fan's moving...I like you...Hello?....the fan's going....I lost my moons...Ellie bellie...hehehe...that way...I have a wet diaper again...did you say?...Hello...*silence*...let me go get B...*hums*...yeah, hello...B are you behavin' yourself?...yes or no B...the fan's here...Ellie bellie's here...Kenai's here...I like you...B's here...I like you...hehehe...bye bye, mommy

Me: Huh?

The dam has burst.

The hardest thing...

is to walk out the door while your little boy is crying and saying, "Don't go, Mommy. Stay here."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Johari Window & cute little boys

This is really cool. I don't know if I have any readers. I know I get hits, but I sure don't get many comments, but if you are here, feel free to fill this out. This is kind of an interesting exercise.

If you've never met me it would be interesting the see how I appear to others. If you know me, your opinion is always valuable to me.

Hey!! I am almost up to 100 posts...I guess I'm gonna hafta come up with one of those '100 Things About Me' thingies to add to this...cool!!

Hey, again!! It's so cute. An expression that I use all the time is 'How cool is that?' The other day, B, E & I were in the car driving around. E is at the age that he just luuurves big trucks. With every large truck we passed, E said, 'Big truck! Big truck!'

He had done this about 30 times when all of a sudden he said, 'Big truck! Big truck! How cool is that?'

hehehe...ain't he cute??

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blog Wars

I missed the whole blog war. I took a weekend off and did not read a single word and came back yesterday and everybody was dissin' everybody else.

Some people were firing off barbs against the Popular Crowd (yada yada)*; feelings got hurt; shots were fired; prisoners taken. There was some kind of secret club with a secret handshake. Spies for the Popular Crowd used the nifty 'cut and paste' feature on their computers to email the barbs to the targets. More barbs; more unpleasantness.

Well, I have always said that if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all, so I will start a love fest** because I really do love all of those funny ladies: Tertia, Julia, Jo, Karen, Julie (asshole).

...and now we will return to our regularly-scheduled soap opera...

* (Surprised, aren't you, that yours truly isn't in the 'IN' crowd? Yeah, well, I guess I am still in high school...poor little fat geeky girl with her nose plastered to the window...)

** (Ass-kisser)