Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Gorge Fest

Okay, everyone is posting about their Thanksgiving dinner plans. So, just to help me get organized I will outline my T-day menu too.

1) We will start out the day with a breakfast of my Easy-Peasy Cinnamon Rolls because I like them and if anyone else doesn’t, they can kiss my lily-white…

2) Turkey – well, turkey breast. B went to the store to redeem our free turkey (grocery store-speak for ‘thanks for buying so much crap at our store…here’s your ten dollar turkey, sucker!’) and came home with a turkey BREAST (must have been mesmerized by the word ‘breast’). No problem for me…I just eat the white meat anyway, but B will have no drumsticks. I am trying a dry-brine this year. I have done the wet brine and it is really good but I thought I would try it another way this year.

3) Mashed potatoes – Pioneer Woman’s creamy mashed potatoes. God they are good. Bonus, they can be made a day in advance. Win-win.

4) Sausage-cornbread Dressing – I like it this way and if anyone complains, well then there is more for me.

5) Gravy – I make kick-ass gravy. Pour gravy over the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, a piece of bread, spilled it on my shoe. God it’s good.

6) Homemade dinner rolls – again PW’s No-Knead Rolls – they look really easy and, again, make in advance…

7) Glorified rice – a modification of my MIL’s recipe – it has cream cheese, maraschino cherries, pineapple and whipped cream – what’s not to like?

8) Pumpkin pie – okay, this is kinda boring but I will make the boring kind of pumpkin pie that B likes instead of my kick-ass pumpkin chiffon pie…obviously my family ain’t here.

9) Pumpkin Leche Flan – it’s flan…that’s all I needed to hear…

10) B’s family's creamed corn crap – obviously not a favorite of mine.

11) That ghastly green bean casserole – see #10.

12) Broccoli-Cauliflower Gratin – it’s cauliflower…and CHEESE…sounds good to me.

And, of course, wine...delicious, delicious wine.

There…you think that’s enough food for three people (the smallest of whom will probably pick and complain, eat the mashed potatoes and gravy and say that he doesn't like turkey...)?

Happy Thanksgiving and Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Magician

I did not post much about what we did this past Halloween. We had a pretty busy day, though. We started out at O'Dark thirty with a hockey game. Then we went to a local library which had a magician performing. E volunteered and I got this tasty video:

E and the Magician from itsjustme on Vimeo.

We ended the day Trick-or-Treating with one of my co-workers and her grandson in their neighborhood. The day was (only slightly) marred by the downpour that occurred (fortunately) at the end of our Trick-or-Treating outing. We went back to Ginny's house and E & D played downstairs while our clothes dried in the dryer and she & I sipped hot coffee and chatted. A pretty good day.