Monday, July 16, 2007

Rest in Peace, little Micki

Micki died on Saturday morning. I am incredibly sad about it. We only had her 5 days and I already was so attached to her. It is amazing how quickly animals can steal your heart.

She seemed so much better but then on Thursday seemed to take a turn for the worst. She was very listless on Friday. Then on Saturday morning B came into the bedroom saying, "Micki is cold!" She was still alive then. We tried to get her warm. I put some of the vitamin mixture into her mouth and some water. She licked my hand.

B drove to the emergency pet clinic while I held her little body against me, petting her and talking to her. Partway there I said to B, "I can't tell if she is breathing anymore!"

B rushed her into the clinic and they took her to the back. They said she arrived deceased.

Poor little thing. She had such a hard life. I take some comfort that at least for her last week she had a good place to sleep, clean water and good food. And love. And kindness.

I am crying again. Poor little girl.

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