Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do ya think I'm...

I am too late for NaBloPoMo so I am inventing NaBloPoMoLight...or The Last Fifteen Days in November. I am going to try to post every day for the next 15 days.

The People magazine Sexiest Man Alive issue is to hit newsstands soon. And the winner is...

Matt Damon. Matt Damon. Sexy?

Well, in a word, Matt, no. I think you look like a real nice guy, but 'sexy' is not a word that is uppermost in my mind. What I do think is 'sexy' is that you are a man with a wife that you (apparently) love and a beautiful young child.

In looking at the top 15, I think those are the guys that stand out the most. Sure, they are all great-looking, but the ones that I like most have more than just looks on their side.

I don't watch 'Grey's Anatomy' (a character flaw, I know), but Patrick Dempsey (#2) is sexy not only because he is 'Dr. McDreamy' but also because he has been married 9 years and is still in love with his wife. When asked the secret to keeping the spark alive, he said, "Her eyes. I was always taken by them," he says. "They're warm, sparkly eyes. That's the most beautiful part of someone."

What is sexy? Seeing pictures of Brad Pitt (#4) - Mr. Sexy Dad - with his kids. What Johnny Depp (#6) says about his kids ("Suddenly you meet your reason to live"). And Matt's friend, Ben Affleck (#11) on his 9-month old daughter, "All I want to do is go home, just to be around her again."

I love Will Smith (#8). I love him for being a wonderful actor and I love that he seems like a totally-together person. I also love that he loves his wife ("Either I'm going to be with [wife] Jada," he told Ebony, "or I'm going to be dead.").

Now, that's sexy.

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