Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Installment

Hmmm...huh? What? It is nearly the ides of November and I have not even thought of NaBloPoMo. Well, my excuse is that there have been many changes here at the Home, mostly good changes and just a few NotSoGood.

Things that have changed:

  1. Got laid off
  2. Started a new, better job
  3. In a new state
  4. Back in the Pacific NW
  5. Not in Washington
  6. Or Oregon
  7. Okay, less Pacific than simply NW
  8. DCF is off our backs
  9. They have terminated the supervision
  10. Less than a month ago they were trying to take E again
  11. Somehow we are no longer a threat to our child
  12. Even though we did nothing different
  13. We are magically okay now
  14. Assholes
Things we gotta decide:
  1. WTF do we do with our house in Florida
  2. Sell it?
  3. Rent it?
  4. Burn it?
  5. Okay, I'm not serious about the last, but I don't wanna keep it
  6. And we don't wanna lose money on it
  7. I think we should sell it
  8. And what about those embroyos in storage?
  9. Am I too old for a transfer?
  10. Or should we go for it?

Stay tuned for more excitement on...As the Stomach Turns...

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