Friday, November 16, 2007

Life's roads

Antique Mommy said that her life was the Road Less Travelled. Yeah, I can relate to that. My road was so overgrown that you could hide a double-wide mobile home in the weeds.

A couple of truisms:

  1. Life is what happens when you are making other plans

  2. Man plans, God laughs.
I am a software engineer by trade and what usually happens with computer software is that you start out with a Design and then you code to the Design. What often happens, especially with code that stays around long enough, is after the first release it starts to evolve. It starts to have twists and addendums and functions and procedures and objects that get added without thought to the Design. You do whatever is needed to make things work.

Much like my life. I did not plan on becoming a mother after 40. I did not plan on taking nearly 20 years to get a college degree. I did not plan on living in 9 different states in 15 years.

But this is what happened to me that led me to where I am.

And although I often wonder what would have happened or where I would be if I had made other choices in my life, I would not give up what I have now to go back and try again.

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