Friday, January 05, 2007

Changes abound

I am so sorry but this is just too funny and this line is unbelievably hilarious!!

"While it is unlikely that this will result in a "fart-tax" with civil
servants chasing cows round with breathalyzer style methane measurers..."

*...laughs hilariously...wipes drool from mouth...*

If anyone has been paying attention, yes, I have made some changes around here. I don't think I will ever be 'home' again so I have decided to just go along with whatever comes my way.

"What the f%$k is she talking about?"

My project did not get renewed for this year so in spite of our delivery being splendidly received by our customer and riotously successful, I and my whole team have been let go effective the 18th of this month.


So, I am off on Monday to interview in Minneapolis for a Technical Architect position at (wait for it) ...Target.


Might have to change my opinion of them.

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