Monday, March 20, 2006

A Home at last

It looks like we might finally be getting ready to close on a home. The house that we put in an(other) offer on is a 3136 sq. ft (yeah...way more than we need) all brick new home on just about a quarter acre (about as big as the other houses we have owned). The schools are all great; there will be a new elementary school completed by the time E needs it and the community is very kid-friendly with lots of activities for children, 2 swimming pools, 2 water parks and many parks (one just across the greenbelt from the house).

The house itself is rather plain with real basic fixtures (no upgraded lights, kitchen or bathroom fixtures) which is a change from our other houses which all had nice features like crown molding, hardwood floors, columns, etc. With this home we have given up amenities in exchange for square footage (3136 sq ft!!).

Then there is the yard, of course I can just see my little guy running around that big yard. I can picture the sandbox that he can get really dirty in (hey, B!! Little boys get dirty…leave him alone!!) and play with his trucks; his dump trucks and diggers and backhoes. He can catch geckos (yep, it’s Florida…we got ‘em here), snakes and bugs while I try to keep them from invading the house.

And it’s only 15 minutes from work. Good for me too.

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