Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Great Weight Debate

Okay; on the Weight Debate. I can’t resist jumping in here. I first saw references to this at Tertia’s. Then I read the links she had (Go ahead. Take a look. I’ll wait). Than I read Cecily’s. Then I went back to Tertia’s new post.

I am glad that Tertia clarified it. She said

“This was not supposed to be a debate about being overweight. My point was about taking pride in yourself, feeling good about yourself, whatever your weight is. Whether you are 100 pounds or 300 pounds (am v bad at the conversions!), you can be beautiful, attractive etc. The issue about not taking pride in oneself was directed at people of all shapes and sizes. “

I am glad about this because I had a friend (sadly I lost touch with her) who was a very large woman. I would venture to guess that she easily topped 220 on a 5’4” frame. But she was a gorgeous woman. She always dressed impeccably. Her hair and makeup always looked great. She was confident and strong.

I also know someone of average weight who does not seem to care about appearance. Clothes are always sloppy; hair uncombed; always looking dishevelled. Now I don’t know why her appearance is so bad but to me she always seems a little distracted and self-doubting.

For myself, as I have said I am a large woman but I think for the most part I am confident and strong. Most of all I really like me. I think I am a really terrific person. Now that being said I would like to lose some weight for health reasons. I would love to cut down on my blood pressure meds and lose the Lipitor if I could. I also recognize the prevalence of diabetes in this country and would not like to join the horde (glucose level is fine right now, thank you).

On that note, I am announcing that I am going to join Weight Watchers again. I leave for my meeting in about 10 minutes. Since oftentimes making it public helps in achieving one’s weight loss goals, I will post weight and progress on this blog.

Stay tuned.

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