Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Had cataract surgery on Monday. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm awfully young to have cataracts. I even had a doctor question whether it was cataracts at all (B had emailed him asking him for advice...turns out he was just an optometrist anyway...we needed an opthalmologist) I knew that I would get cataracts. My mother had them; my aunt had them; my grandmother had them. They probably go back 10,000 years in that family. But...my mother was in her 60s. I am in my 40s.


The good news is that now I can see again out of my right eye. I was totally blind in my right eye. I could not even see (literally) my hand in front of my face, tho' I could see movement. Now...colors are brighter, things are sharper, there is no haze anymore.

The bad news is that now I want the left eye done too.

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