Thursday, January 13, 2005

General ramblings...

Spent the last two nights getting the house back in order. It got really messy when I was unpacking boxes from the garage. When I get back to unpacking boxes again (read: after B goes back to Oregon), I will unpack box; put items away (keep, toss, give away); put box (and wrappings) back in garage; get next box. This should keep us clean and still get the garage cleaned out.

B goes back to Oregon on Sat. Hopefully he will get the house put back together quickly (i.e. hire people to do it and not try to do it all himself) so he can return to NM soon. He is so arrogant though that he thinks he can do it all himself. I have my doubts. Especially since he is so great at starting projects and so crappy at finishing them.


E gets evaluated by a speech therapist next week. He has lots of words, understands almost everything, but so far hasn't really said a sentence yet...unless 'mean mommy' is a sentence (he also says, 'bye, mommy' that a sentence??). He is 25 months old. All the books say he should be saying 'two-word sentences.' He does everything else, just no sentences.

What's with that? He's really smart. He really understands almost everything you say to him.

More crap.

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