Friday, January 14, 2005

A Mile in my Shoes

This post really pissed me off. I left a comment on Uterine Wars but still can't forget this stupid insensitive comment.

I don't even know why it pisses me off so much. I am not an overly sensitive person. I am an engineer and a scientist...not exactly all warm and fuzzy. I was never the one in school wanting to have children ("...sentimental pap!" I thought). It wasn't a big deal to me. If I had children, well, then, that's great. If not, then...*eh*

It is really easy for someone who can pop out her children whenever she wants to to say, 'Oh I would never do that!' Even if it 'took a few months' (BFD...a few 'months'...), it still happened in a way that is better than on a cold, hard table with a man you have only seen a few times sticking glass pipettes up your nether regions.

We went through a lot to get our son. I never figured the lengths we would go; never figured that B would want to go to the lengths and expense we went (B is like the cheapest person I have ever met...he makes Scrooge look like Mother Theresa).

But we did. And E is worth everything I ever did; every pill; every shot; every invasive procedure.

He is worth it.

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