Monday, January 17, 2005

Bitchin' Day

I am going to bitch today. Today has been the epitome of all Mondays. Everything that could go wrong did.

First of all, let me start out by saying that I HATE MY CAR!!!!! It is a piece of crap. It is the crappiest piece of Crap in the history of Crapdom. It is garbage. Pieces are continually falling off of it (gee, I hope this isn't a critical piece...), it has NO DRINK HOLDER, things are incrementally starting to cease to function. It is such a piece of crap, it is deserving of its own rant (to follow later). Anyway, that is my first bitch of the day. I hate my car.

My second bitch actually started on Saturday. After we dropped B off at the airport, E & I went to Costco. I needed to get gas, drop off a prescription, maybe pick up a few things...well, when I dropped off the Rx, the woman at the counter said, "Oh...the doctor didn't sign this. We can't refill this prescription. We need to call the doctor to verify this."

I think, "Oh, for chrissake!. This isn't uppers or downers that I am planning to take to the local high school and sell for $5 a hit. This is a topical ointment that I want to put on my rash before I scratch my legs raw."

I say, "Okay. Can I pick it up on Monday?" Receiving an affirmative, I leave the counter.

Today I go back to the pharmacy at Costco. First of all, I had to wait in line for 10 minutes. There was some moron in the front who took 10 minutes to pick up her Rx. WTF?? Are they synthesizing her prescription there?? And what is it with people. She had to wait until the very end to fill out her check. Like she was surprised that they actually expected her to pay. You idiot!! Fill out the check!! You stood there for ten minutes. You should have had that done already!!

The next two people in line take about a minute and a half each. Finally it is my turn.

I say to the blonde behind the counter, "I am here to pick up my Rx" and explain what happened on Saturday. They scramble around in back and then come back and ask how to spell my name. I do so and then they ask again what the problem was. I tell them (again) and the brunette that I spoke with on Saturday says, "Oh, yes. I remember you. The doctor hasn't called us back yet."


So they try to get the doctor on the phone again and I cool my heels on their little waiting bench. Five minutes later, the blonde comes out and says she will fill the prescription and it will be 'only 5 minutes.'


Ten minutes later the brunette comes out and says, "I'm sorry. We don't have any of that in stock. The computer said we did, but it wasn't on the shelf. You are going to have to come back tomorrow. Okay?"

I say, "No, it's not okay." But what can you do? I am going to have to go back tomorrow.

I bought one thing and then had to wait in line to get out of the stupid door (anyone who hasn't been to Costco may not know that you need to have them look over your loot and put a little mark on your receipt...blessed by the Pope, I guess). I only had ONE THING!!! Then there was the stupid, dumbshit moron who calmly walked back to her car right in the middle of the road. Move over, you idiot!! I may just run you down!!!

Anyway, it is not even 3 o'clock. There may be more to come.

(...did I mention I hate my car...??)

Anybody else have a bitch?

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