Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Baby, it's cold outside...and inside...

I need to get an ice scraper. I have been using a spatula for the past two days.

I don't want to stay with B's parents over Christmas. I would rather stay in a hotel.

Got a real insulting email from B's dad.

He was implying that all we do is yell at each other. When they were in Alb., I can't remember arguing even once.

He was implying that E is an undisciplined little tyrant who only yells and screams. HEY!! HE'S NOT EVEN TWO!!! He will want to run and play. What are we supposed to do? Tie him up and gag him?

We will be sleeping in their sunroom (family room) while we are there. This means that we will have no place to put our things. We will be living basically out of the car. I don't know who is staying in their other bedroom. T & P will be staying in one bedroom. Their kids will be sleeping in the office. That means that NO ONE will be sleeping in the 3rd bedroom.

We will be in the sunroom.

They are implying that we are slobs. I have NEVER NOT made the bed when we stayed with them. The bathroom (and bedroom) has ALWAYS been neat when we stayed with them. I have ALWAYS picked up after myself and helped in the kitchen when we stayed with them. I am sorry about the damn carpet. I offered to have it cleaned. I will NEVER take anything out of the kitchen again.

Where will we put E down to sleep. In the common sun room?? At 8PM?? Where will everyone be between about 8 and 10PM? The living room? one can sit on the couches there...that leaves the kitchen and dining room.

When have we EVER brought the cat to their house?????

B didn't hear what his mother said to me while she was here. I kept silent and finally just walked away because it wasn't worth talking to her. I thought that they had changed their opinion about me. Obviously I was mistaken.

I am crying now. I have to go to the bathroom.

In-laws...can't live with them...can't kill them...

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