Thursday, December 09, 2004

All through the night

E doesn't want to stay in his bed at night. He hasn't managed a full night in his 'big boy bed' for 2 weeks.

I wish B's parents hadn't taken the crib.

The crib was great. E was great. He would take a bath. We would play a bit. And at 8PM, I would put him down in his crib. Sometimes he might cry a bit. No more than a minute or two. Then I wouldn't hear a sound until about 6AM.

Now he has to be asleep before I can put him in his bed. If I try to put him down awake, he will cry. If I walk away, close the door and let him cry, it takes about 30 seconds (I've timed it) for him to be up and standing at his door. Crying.

I pick him up. Put him back into bed. Thirty seconds. At the door. Crying. Repeat. We did this for a solid hour one night with E crying the whole time.

I have tried laying down on the bed next to him, but he is too smart for that. He cries the whole time. He gets up, walks into our room and stands next to the bed. Crying.

I have picked him up, put him in our bed and then I go into his room and get into his bed. He continues to cry.

And if he starts out in his bed, he will then wake up sometime in the night and come into our room. If I try to put him back into his bed...well, see above. He must sleep the rest of the night in our bed.

I wish I still had the crib.

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