Sunday, December 12, 2004

My son is 2 today

E turned 2 years old today. Just thinking of that is such a milestone. He is truly a miracle baby.

I waited so long to have a child that I think I treasure every moment I have with him. I can sit and look at his beautiful face for hours. I love watching him sleep. Those long eyelashes kissing his chubby pink cheeks. The sighs of his breaths. His little arm, curled tightly around his bear named Bear.

I love hearing his laugh. He has so many tickle spots, it is not challenging to get a laugh out of him. He is also at an age where body functions are very funny. Sneezes, hiccups, and farts elicit squeals of laughter.

I love my son. I am sure that if I loved him any more I would forget to breathe.

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