Monday, November 29, 2004

Snow and other subjects

It snowed today. Was not snowing when we got up, but it was by the time we left the house. I guess it has been dusting off & on most of the day. There is not much on the ground, though, so driving should not be bad, though I am still probably leaving a bit early and not going to the store on the way home just so that we will be home before dark.

B is still up in Oregon working on the house. It appears that that no-good, weasly insurance company will pay. We just don't know how much yet. The last I heard from B is that the insurance company (bastards! ...sorry, can't help myself) want to only make the check out to a licensed contractor. This is crap since we have already had to shell out money to dry out the house (there is still the restoration company that wants 5K for their 3 (!) dayswork) plus B & his dad have retiled the entryway, upstairs bathroom and the utility room. Plus we had to pay to fix the pipe and repair the furnace.



The surgery on B's dad apparently went well and he is already up and walking around. He should be going home in another week or so. B is, naturally enough, very concerned and we will undoubtedly be going to Austin over Christmas (B's folks had planned a trip to England over the holidays...this will obviously be delayed).

Thanksgiving was very uneventful for me. Just me & E sharing a couple of chicken breasts. Nothing says Thanksgiving like chicken breasts!!

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