Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random thoughts

When I came in to work this morning my coffee cup was gone.  My first thought was, 'Who would steal a coffee cup?  It's not like it was lined in gold or had diamonds and jewels encrusting it.  It is a goddamned freaking COFFEE CUP!!"

Okay...that's not really the first thought I had.  My first thought was, "Was I such a lame-o dumbass ignoramus that I left my stupid dumb coffee cup in the bathroom?"

Which, of course, I had.


Boy-boy had t-ball last night.  What's cuter than watching a bunch of 5 & 6-year olds play baseball?  Twirling around in the outfield; digging in the infield dirt; looking for worms; watching the planes fly overhead...

How cute...swinging a bat at every pitch no matter how badly thrown; dropping easy fly balls; balls thrown way off the mark; crappy fielding. 

Wait.  That last bit was how I play baseball.


Okay, now the DoD (Department of Defense) has cancelled FCS (Future Combat Systems).  This burns my ass.  I have to have the worst freaking timing of ANYONE in the entire WORLD!!!!  I get back into defense work when we elect a freaking Democrat for president.  Great.

They have an All-Hands-Meeting today.  Which we (contractors) weren't invited to.  They have a special 'contractors' meeting tomorrow.  This is Not.  Good.

I hope I still have a job next week.

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