Friday, April 11, 2008

My Purse

Oh, this is a fun meme. Got it over at mamatulips. What's in your purse?

First, the purse. Can I say how much I love this purse? Coach, of course (I am such a Coach whore). It is the perfect size. The handle is the perfect length. I have another (Coach) purse that I also love but the handle is just a little too short. This one is perfect.

See how everything fits so well inside. It looks so neat and tidy (so unlike my house...or my mind). There are just enough pockets and flaps so that I can find everything and yet I can carry all that I need.

Plus, on occasion, crayons or miniature cars or other various miscellaneous crap that I might pick up when I am out with my son.
And now for what is inside.

Starting at the top, I have a pouch (need we say...Coach) that was originally made as a pencil holder. I put makeup in it. Sometimes pens, but always makeup. Right now I think there is some dental floss (I need dental floss), pressed powder and a lipstick in it. To the right is my (Coach) wallet. On top of that is my inlaid opal medicine bear that I bought in Tucson, then my keys and a hairbrush (gotta stay pretty, don't we?). Below that are a couple of receipts (we're going around clockwise, in case you didn't notice), the Coach price tag (don't ask me why I still have that; this purse is over 5 years old...), a couple of pens, 3 chapsticks (my son has horribly chapped lips right now) and some lipsticks (I don't usually carry so much lipstick; I just bought those). Then there is some gum (sugarless, of course), stamps, and some sample NSAIDS I got from my doctor. Then there are two memory sticks and the digital key so I can log into work from home. Then there are some checks from my medical pre-pay plan for co-pays that I had and my work badge. Last but not least are my sunglasses.
There you have it. That is what is in my purse. Care to share?

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