Friday, April 18, 2008

In the sewer again

Okay, I can't help myself. I have to dive into this sewer again. First of all, this headline really skeeves me. It just brings to my mind the same thoughts that wrenched the land from the Native Americans ("we're civilizing them!") and attempted to steal the French language from the Acadians of Maine. It's for their own good. They don't know what's good for them.

It is so ethnocentric of these so-called 'experts' to say such a thing. Just because you may consider it 'abusive' doesn't mean it is.

As for girls being mothers at 18 (or younger), look at your local high school. Is CPS going to take high school girl's babies away from them? What about the Amish? They have (some) similar beliefs. Is the state going to take their children away? Look to your own genealogy. I have many ancestors who were married by age 16. Now you will say that times have changed. But these communities are, in essence, still living in times where being a young mother was not uncommon.

Again, I am not saying that marrying a man 30 or 40 years older than you is a good thing. I am certainly not saying that girls should marry at 13 or 14 (hey give them a chance to grow up first!!). I am not saying that I like plural marriage (although when the laundry has piled so high that it hides a small Buick or when dinner needs to be prepared and I just want to sit on my butt and watch American Idol, I like the idea of a sister-wife or two), but it is what these people do. It is their heritage and culture. I think it is wrong to make wholesale generalizations about groups of people, be that these religious nutcases or a racial stereotype against the guy behind the counter at 7-Eleven.

And they still haven't 'identified' the girl who brought the law down on this community. You'd think that if she were so afraid she would find a way to slip a note to someone or whisper in someone's ear. Like her lawyer, or someone. Anyone.

CPS makes up their own rules. And then they break them. At their whim.

And to our sorrow.

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