Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We fired our lawyer. She was really not very effective; she did not return phone calls; she didn't object to the introduction of the Guardian ad litem report; she only filed our Motion to Dismiss (futile tho' it may have been) until I mentioned it (something that is the very first thing I understand an attorney should have done).

So we are lawyer shopping. Not as easy a task as you might imagine. It is not like buying shoes or groceries. There are no Lawyer Stores that you can go in and browse.

"Oh, yes, I would like to try on that bright-eyed one in the corner. Harvard...very impressive... Oh you have a University of Florida model on sale this week? Great! I'd like to take that one around the block if I may!"

No! No! You have to make an appointment ("Oh, we have an opening in March...oh, no, that is March 2010, you ignorant slut..."), and, despite what my well-meaning though not very lawyer-savvy FIL may say, pay them some enormous sum of money that is equal to the GNP of several small Central American countries just to talk to them (no, they don't offer the first visit for free...take a look and see how many offer a free initial consultation...go ahead, I dare you...). Yes. You have to hire them so you can decide if you want to hire them.

And should we get a Family attorney or a litigator? We don't want some schmuck that will just roll over and do whatever DCF wants them to do. We could have done that ourself...that is what DCF wants you to do, expects you to do. That is what most people do. They are counting on you being so scared and desparate to have your children back that you will do anything they want.

But we didn't do anything wrong.

And I want someone who will stand up and say that.

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