Monday, June 12, 2006

Hurricanes and other tragedies

Alberto. On the way in. Not too worried. Probably just get a mess of rain. Enough to hose down the driveway and bring the mosquitoes out in droves.

Sounds like fun.

Oh. And what the f@#% is wrong with my knee? I did aerobics on Friday (being all good and all…trying to get in better shape for the possible try for #2) and since then my knee has been hurting like hell. My feet started to ache about 15 or 20 minutes after I started (well, I guess I shouldn’t have been wearing shoes that I bought during a Reagan administration) and afterwards my knee started aching. Now I am limping around. And it isn’t even the knee that I screwed up skiing!! It is the other one. Crap. Got a doctor’s appointment at 4PM. They’ll probably just say to buy new shoes.

Mankind was not meant to walk upright.

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