Friday, March 24, 2006

Four things...

A meme from Tess

4 Jobs I have had

1. Waitress
2. Baker
3. Receptionist/helper for an ophthalmologist
4. Software Engineer

4 Neat places I have vacationed

1. Greece
2. Belize
3. The Yucatan Peninsula
4. England

4 Foods I love to eat

1. Fresh tomatoes just picked off the bush
2. Flan/custard/crème brulee
3. Mashed potatoes and gravy (actually potatoes just about any way…including raw)
4. Ice cream (there is this Ben & Jerry’s flavor that is vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel….YUMMMM…just rub it over me and watch me squirm to lick it all off…what an image)

4 Television shows I don't like to miss

1. Monk
2. ER
3. Boston Legal (William Shatner is great in this...he pokes fun at himself in almost every episode)
4. Leno on Monday nights so I can watch Headlines

4 Movies I can watch again & again

1. The Shawshank Redemption (what is it about this movie??? I just love it)
2. Casablanca (call me a hopeless romantic)
3. Chicago (great music…Catherine Zeta-Jones is so gorgeous that I would almost turn lesbian for her and Queen Latifah is great in it)
4. Mame (The Lucille Ball version - again I just love the music)

4 Cities I have lived in

1. Seattle
2. Portland (OR)
3. Dallas
4. Jacksonville

4 Book I love to read

1. Anything from the Dragons of Pern by Anne McCaffrey
2. Just about anything by Andre Norton
3. Anything by J.A. Jance (or Sara Paretsky or Sue Grafton)
(…oh! Oh! Or Tony Hillerman)
4. Asimov! Heinlein! Clarke! (okay…classic SF…okay modern too)
5. Also history…especially books on the US Civil War; US Revolutionary War and classic Greece and Rome and ...
6. Archeology!!

Okay…I can’t pick just 4 books.

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