Tuesday, November 23, 2004

...for your consideration...

This is my second attempt at writing a blog. The first lasted all of 1 (one) day/post. I am reading
some blogs now, maybe I will keep at it this time.

Call me Ishmael (oops...that's plagerism); call me Sheila. I am married to B and we have a marvelous son E. We have just recently moved to New Mexico, but we still have a home in OR. That is where B is right now. Why is he in OR and I am in NM? Well, I'll leave that for another post (this is called foreshadowing for all of the English majors reading this).

What I am musing about right now is whether we should have a second child. It took us quite a while to acquire our first (almost 10 years), so this is not a trivial thought. We did not use the 'traditional' method (SEX??? You can get pg through SEX??). No. We used the 'needles/pills/capsules placed in places where capsules should not go/thousands of dollars given to doctors to pay off their Mercedes' method.

We still have 10 embies on ice from the same batch that got us E (also a totsicle) so we have about four tries to get a sib. My biggest obstacle is my health. Though the pg was so easy (a bonafide miracle, I say) and the delivery went off without a hitch, I am somewhat concerned about my post-labor record. You see, I have chronic high blood pressure (take meds for it and did all thru pg) and after I delivered E, my bp went up. Not high to MY standards, but the Dr. (not one who had seen me very much as I was in a different state at the time...another long story) thought it was high. I really think it went up because the night L&D nurse turned down my epidural (bad nurse!! bad nurse!!) and I threw up my meds (hadn't taken them in 24 hours). The stuff the Dr. put in my arm had little effect on my bp, but as soon as I went back on my regular meds, it came down great.

Maybe since I am in a semi-stable (work) situation, I should just go to a doctor and ask, huh?

...for your consideration...

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