Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in One Word

Since some bloggers are trying to sum up the year 2010 using one word, I thought I would try this as well. It is hard to think of a single word though so I am going with a hyphenated 'not-horrible.'

It started out pretty well. My manager came through just after the first of the year and asked if I was still interested in getting on as a permanent employee. So that was good. Then I didn't hear for a long time and asked my manager why I hadn't heard anything. They were didn't want to pay me what I am worth. That was bad. Then I got a great job offer where I could work from home, got great pay with full benefits. That was great! Then the contract I was hired to work on was cancelled (after a single week). That was bad. Fortunately I hadn't quit my original company yet. That was good. Then that company changed the direction of their business model and let me go. That was very bad. Then I got my current job (great pay and full benefits). That was good.

We got to finish out second grade for E in Pennsylvania. That was good. He started third grade with the same kids as last year. That was good too. During the year he played soccer, football and hockey. That was good. We had to leave PA before he got to finish his football season. That was bad. We got to go to our nice Florida house. That was good. We got to play in the pool and play in the park and ride bikes around the trails. That was good. E got to ride his bike to school. That was good. We had to leave after only a month. That was bad. I was employed. That was very good.

So, we had to move 3 times last year. That was very bad. I was employed almost the whole year with just a bit over a month break between positions. That was very good.

That is why the year 2010 gets rated 'not-horrible.'

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