Thursday, April 08, 2010

Craft Update

Yep. Still being crafty. First I will update on the Christmas stocking I am making for E. This is where I was last month. And this is where I am now. Good progress being made, I think. I have finished Santa and have started working on the bag of toys.

And I finished the quilt I was making for E. Here it is:

It isn't perfect. I didn't square up the squares as well as I should have and the binding is only s0-s0 but this is really the first real quilt I have ever made. I call it a quilt but it was really designed to be a wall hanging. Doesn't matter. E likes it. Next time I might tackle a full-size quilt.

I have also finished the top for a fleecy quilt/blanket for my niece's baby. I think it came out really nice. It is similar to a blanket/quilt I made before except this one I personalized with the baby's name. I just need to put the backing on it, quilt it and bind the edges.

I am also crocheting a blanket and a little dress for the baby. The blanket will match the dress which matches some booties I have already made. This is what the dress will look like except I am not using pink. I am using a really pretty variegated yarn. I haven't decided if I am going to make the hat & booties either (and that's not the blanket I am making either...just the dress...maybe the booties & hat). I have a pair of booties already made using the variegated yarn so if I make these I may just make them in pink & white. This pattern is a 6 month pattern so if I make it it should fit little Ava in December. Perfect, I think. Booties & baby hats don't take very long to make anyway. I can whip them out in an evening or two.

I hope to finish all the baby things by the end of this month so I can get them mailed to her by May sometime. Baby is due in June.

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