Monday, February 22, 2010

So Cool

Well, folks, it looks like very soon I am going to be very, very wealthy. Yes I have been invited to go into the oil business with a company doing business in venezuela. I will be a 'patner' with Ms. Briggs and look forward to dumping buckets of money into my bank account.

My name is Mel Diana Briggs, an engineer/geologist. I own Rocket OilServices, a support company to Shell Petroleum Dev Company. My company doesoil prospecting, oil site reading and shallow exploration for shell. I amcurrently in Venezuela where i have had the opportunity to do oil deals with
a few sister company explorers, and a few indigenous oil rig engineers.
Together, we engage in oil deals which involve bunkerring and quick syphoning of crude oil through specially rented barges to Mexico and Chile.
Proceeds from the oil sales are paid for in Dollars and eventually wired through the Venezuellan banks to banks in England. Payments are made this
way due to the hard-line policies of Hugo Chavez(venezuelan president) whohas launched an animosity against america and some of their allies. By way of rigorous transfer of funds, i lose so much of my share of the proceeds from sales because this is a secret deal which Shell is not aware of.
Already, proceeds made from sales amount to $80million. And due to local restrictions in Venezuela, i cannot invest these monies here because of my
imigration status. As such, i need a patner whom i can work with for the movement and investment of these monies. I need someone i can trust as a
patner, who will assist me in moving this money, and whose company name we are going to use in investing the money into more lucrative businesses.
For your participation: you shall get 20% of the $80million before the investment proper. And if you wish to be part of the lucrative investments
mentioned above, we shall talk better terms. Please do let me know your position on this proposal so that we can proceed.
I am preparing to quit my job and have put money down on a new Porche. See you all in the Swiss Alps.

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