Monday, March 02, 2009

Sad...and Broke...but Employed, Sort Of...

I am so broke right now that I don't know what to do. I am almost at the point of deciding between food and shelter.

The good new is I was offered employment. It is contract not permanent, but employment nonetheless. And after almost six months of not-a-lot-of-anything, I accepted. The bad news is it is 1500 miles from Minnesota. So we packed up the house and set off East, young woman. B had to stay behind, so it is me, E, our dog Ellie and our cat, Freckles. We are now in Minnesota.

The bad news is that this position requires that I have a birth certificate or passport as proof of citizenship. I was told that this was necessary today when I showed up for my first day of work (rather than before I left Idaho when I could have ordered the damn thing and had it waiting for me here in MN). My passport and my birth certificate are in a box that inadvertently got left in Florida. They sent me home.

Even if I could have started today I won't get a paycheck for two weeks.

We have enough money in the bank for 3 more days in a hotel. I can't get hold of any money in my 401ks or my remaining IRA for 15 calendar days.

We may wind up living in the car.

This is not good.


Marie said...

I am in Minnesota - whereabouts are you? Is there any way I can help? And why in the hell wouldn't they take a driver's license? Usually we are not mean to people here in Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts...and prayers...wish I could do more.