Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Junk

The goody bags at children's parties. Who invented these? It must have been some psycho nutjob who had no kids. They are always filled with various pieces of junk. And if your kid's room looks anything like my kid's room, junk ain't exactly needed there (disinfectant and an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner, maybe, but more junk? I think not...).

But the thing is, kids love junk. I realized this as I stood with my kid in front of one of those banks of candy/junk machines you find where ever young children congregate. You know the junk machines...where there are little pieces of junk toys folded up into a little plastic egg? Yeah, those.

Well last weekend I was the desperate mother trying to talk a recalcitrant child into getting more sugar , more sugar, more psychodelic-colored sugar as he pressed his little nose to the bank of junk machines.

Me: E don't put your money in that. That is just junk. Here, look at the pretty fluorescent colors on all this sugary crap.
E (pointing to junk in junk machine): I want this.
Me: E, it is just junk. Here, don't you want to spoil your lunch?
E (lower lip starting to quiver): I want this.
Me: *sigh*

Ten minutes after we get home, he comes to me and asks if I can fix the toy that he got.

Junk. What a load of crap.

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