Friday, October 31, 2008

The Requisite Mommy-blogger Halloween Post

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. My son will soon pass out from his sugar-induced eating orgy and I, well, am still unemployed. Oh, joy.

But, now, this is not about me and my paranoia dementia depression. This is about sending innocent little cherubs out to beg for candy for some innocent childhood fun. This is probably the first year he has truly understood what was happening. He has been asking about his costume for a week. Being the lazy slaggard that I am, I naturally put off finishing it until this morning. He has been a wizard for the past two years; a costume I made thinking ahead to when he would be sick of being a wizard and I could foist off the Grim Reaper on him (hey, scary, different, not a wizard! ). I could use the robe from the wizard costume, add a hood, paint his face white, hand him a scythe (okay, a hockey stick), and voila! Grim Reaper.

Here is my son as the Grim Reaper. Originally I was going to make some white face paint (simply made from shortening mixed with cornstarch) and then paint some black around his eyes and mouth with eyeshadow (boy, ain't I creative?). We had to eat dinner before heading out (boy I have never seen a 5-year old scarf down supper so fast). He was finished almost before I sat down. He didn't want to wait for me to paint his face. I guess he was worried all the candy would be gone before he got to it.

He needn't have worried:

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Nick was Indiana Jones. He also wanted to sing the Halloween song which I said "no" too:)

He went with his friends and cousins and they had such a delightful time:)

I don't want these years to speed by.

Did you send your resume in to my spouse yet?