Monday, September 22, 2008

WWC - A week late...

Well, I seem to be a bit behind lately so here is last week's Weekly Word Challenge or "By God, I remembered to take the shots so I am damn sure gonna post 'em..."

The words were Male & Female. As can be seen by the last post, we went to an airshow last Sunday (remember this was supposed to posted last week, so this was really...oh, you figure it out...) and I noticed this Air Force guy walking on the wing of a KC-135 so I took this shot:

A bit later I looked behind us and noticed this female airman walking on the opposite wing.

Unfortunately just as I started to take the shot some big-headed woman with ugly-ass sunglasses walked in front. The wing is really not damaged, this is just my clumsy attempt to photoshop Ms. Big-Head out of the shot.

The next shot is a real-life example of my bathroom counters. I swear to GOD that I didn't rearrange anything before taking this picture:

Male (side of the) countertop:

Female (side of the) countertop:

...and I set my coffee cup on the counter to take this shot. Normally my side isn't that cluttered.

*sigh* I will try to get back on track for next week's WWC or, rather, this week's WWC...*sigh*

I am also working on a couple of real posts, you know, with words and stuff. Hopefully get to them sometime this week, too.

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