Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Weekly Word Challenge - High & Low

The Weekly Word Challenge for this week was High & Low:


Rocky Mountain High (from the porch of B's uncle's house in Colorado):

My son, High on a wall:


Low on the risers (at music camp this summer...E was the youngest kid ever to go):

Be-Low the falls (in Yellowstone this summer):


Chatty said...

Just beautiful! The Rockies, and the Rock climber - very clever, that! Your waterfall shot is glorious, too.

Tink said...

Oh, I love the winding path of those falls! Great pictures. :)

g-man said...

Nicely done. (I have a climbing picture too, but your son is WAY higher). I really like the mountain picture.


The photos are lovely! Your son is darling - I wish I had the nerve to send my son to away camp.