Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekly Word Challenge: Pure & Regret

For this week's Weekly Word Challenge, I had some trouble with regret. I was looking for something that said 'regret.' It was difficult to find a picture that personified 'regret.' Then I saw how people we showing regret and realized that people were posting pictures of things that they regretted.

Well, that is still a problem. I don't really regret too much. I am generally pretty satisfied with most of my decisions and don't really 'regret' too much. Sometimes I wonder what might have been different if other things had happened, but I don't really regret much. I wrote this once for a high school reunion:

I don't generally look back on things. I try to concentrate on moving forward toward the future rather than gazing back on the past. With that being said, though, there are times when I wonder where I might be if I had done things differently, but I would not give up where I am now to go back and try again.

Okay, this is what I got for 'regret'

I regret we left most of our furniture back in Florida.

And this is what I got for 'pure':

Pure, clean water

Next week is Entrance & Penultimate.

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