Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Word Challenge: Earth & Seven

I have decided to start doing the Weekly Word Challenge. Why? Hey why not? Usually you would post on a Tuesday, but I just found it yesterday so I spent part of the day yesterday looking for photos that fit the words. Anyway, this is what I found.


I noticed my shadow on the ground at E's soccer practice...Earth.

These are the trees and arborvitae that surround the soccer field. Earth again.

Then last night after we got home I noticed how the wind created these ripples in the holding ponds in front of our house.


While my son was in his piano lesson, I noticed this number on one of the portables at the school.

These seven kids in baseball uniforms were near where my son was having his soccer practice (I put little black marks on their faces...didn't want anyone saying they could identify the kids...). I also noticed the pattern on the soccer ball, but someone got in the way of my shot and I was too lazy to chase the ball to get another shot so I looked for another seven, and...

...noticed the mark on my camera lens...7.

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