Friday, May 16, 2008


Today I believe there is a god. From my bank account:

5/15/2008 Transfer From Savings $150.00 Balance: $2,792.85

Doesn't look too bad? Our mortgage is $2702.36 a month. That left us with $90.00 to live on until I get paid on May 31. Food, gas, etc.

Umm...yeah. What do we have in the freezer? That is gas for two weeks...assuming it doesn't go up another $0.30/gallon in the next couple of weeks. Where is the nearest food bank?

Just logged on today and saw:

5/16/2008 ACH Deposit US TREASURY 220 - TAX REFUND $7,419.00 Balance $10,211.85


God has changed his name to Uncle Sam.

But at least now my family won't be fighting over nearly-rancid walnuts in the cupboards and stale Cheetos under the sofa cushions.

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