Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yearly Lecture

Ummm, yeah. Went to the doctor yesterday. Basically a yearly checkup, fasting bloodwork, yearly 'female' stuff, the yearly weight lecture, etc. Also, my hip hurts like hell. Got a reinforcement on the yearly weight lecture (losing weight will help your joints, yeah, yeah). Blood pressure was high in the office. Okay, maybe some white coat syndrome, maybe some of the chicken adobo I had for dinner last night (1 CUP of soy sauce...umm, yeah). Was not so high at home last night.

Anyway, I am going to work on my weight. Will probably join Weight Watchers again. Probably online since I don't have a freakin' car and am so bloody immobile. I wonder if I can get a WW at work started here. This is a GIANT company and they seem to emphasize health stuff.

I am gonna put this weight tracker thingy on my sidebar. Maybe if I look at that thing everytime I go to my blog it will motivate me (like seeing my flabby flesh in the mirror in the morning is not motivation enough?? Evidently not...).


(for your entertainment...funny weight loss stories...)

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