Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Good news:

  1. Snot and sore throat: I started taking that Cold-Eze on Friday when I first started feeling my sore throat and today, Tuesday, after a not too bad weekend, I am feeling much better now...(channelling John Astin...).
  2. Jacksonville has been named one of America's cleanest cities and the population has continued to increase the past few years so hopefully it will help us in selling our house.
  3. I finished a super-high-priority (where the visibility goes very high in this lab) aspect of my project so I am looking pretty good here at work.

Not so Good news:

B has to get a grip on reality and stop writing giant checks behind my back (to try to pay off our mortgage). Fortunately the loan is in my name and the loan officer called me to ask about it (I told her to shred the check).

Sometimes I just want to take a club...

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