Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Solstice?

Easter bunny Sorry. I am such an anal sob. Someone on one of my lists wished everyone on the list a 'Happy Easter and spring solstice."

Can anyone say 'fingernails on a blackboard?'

Erg...should I send a correction? I can be civil...I really can, but it Easter chickreally bugs me to see that kind of semi-educated crap. I just want to reach through the computer, grab her around the throat and say, "It's vernal (spring) equinox, you little moron. There is no such thing as a spring solstice."

This is a precise astronomical term. It has a specific scientific meaning. It is not just some little throw-off. If you don't know science, don't pretend you do.

I hate to see ignorance perpetuated.

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