Thursday, January 03, 2008

25 Things

Found this over at Karen's. Kind of a feel-good post for the first post of the new year.

The 25 things I never get tired of (in no real particular order):

  1. Watching my son sleep
  2. Great music
  3. Long hot bubble baths
  4. Good wine
  5. Good friends
  6. Laughing
  7. Spending time with my family
  8. Finishing a project
  9. Having a massage
  10. Room service
  11. Fresh sheets and a comfortable bed
  12. An unspoiled mountain lake
  13. Fresh air and sunshine (is that two??)
  14. Listening to a cat purring
  15. A clear night sky in the mountains
  16. My dog greeting me when I come home
  17. Hearing people laugh
  18. Finishing a good book
  19. Giving a gift to someone I love
  20. Playing in the ocean
  21. Watching a good movie
  22. Hugs
  23. Going to a craft or fabric shop (I feel close to my mother there)
  24. A truly good cup of coffee
  25. Holding my son in my arms

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