Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Holiday Meme

For the second-to-last day of my NaBloPoMoLight, I am going to resort to a meme I found.

Here are 5 holiday questions with two possible answers.

  1. Are you almost finished with your holiday shopping or you haven’t started yet?
    Nope. Haven't started. As per usual
  2. What do the holidays mean to you? How does this affect how you celebrate the holidays?
    For me the holidays are about family. We did not grow up in a religious household so as for any kind of spiritual meaning, that just wasn't us. But it was a time to spend with family.
  3. Are you going away for the holidays or staying home?
    I would like to stay home or at least go no farther away than Seattle. But I think we will probably be going to be with B's family in Texas. His mother had a stroke two months ago and I think that is the right thing to do (though I'm gonna hate it).
  4. What two things do you like about this time of year?
    1. I like the fact that you see more people smiling. Especially as you get closer to Christmas. Even though people are running around spacefuck crazy they still smile at you.
    2. I also love buying things for my family. I like to think of creative things to get/give/make for them. That makes me happy.
  5. What two things do you dislike about this time of year?
    1. The crass commercialism, although I dislike that at all times of the year so I guess that isn't special about now.
    2. Can't think of another...

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grainy said...

Hi. Mailed Evan's Bday gift and will mail Xmas present by 16th. Have a good one.