Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just wrong

I am sorry, but this is so fucking wrong it makes my teeth bleed. And while we're speaking of stupid and ridiculous things, take a look at this.

Yep, I am royally pissed off at social services/DCF/CPS (whatever you want to call those twits) that have been harassing us for the last year.

Let's get things straight here: I think these people are idiots. They did not do their job in the beginning. If they had they would have recognized that there was no problem in my household other than living next door to a skanky bitch and her fat-ass husband who made a bogus call to DCF because they were pissed off at us. The only reason DCF continued after us is because B told them to fuck off and I (shall we say) let it be known that I questioned both their intellect and their investigative skills.

I feel another rant coming on.


Heather said...

Something *very* similar happened to us and it made me want to bash some skulls, to say the least. Hope all this sh*t gets taken care of, pronto!

WCD said...

Many many moons ago this happened to us in a different fashion -- my now ex-husband had a very headstrong daughter who was all of 13. She decided when we changed jobs and moved to a new school district that she wasn't moving she was staying with her "friends." She was so determined she placed a bogus call to CPS (Child Protective Services) and not only was removed from our house but placed in a foster home in the new school district.

When she admitted to them she had lied -- it took almost another year to get her out and home with us and we footed the entire bill.

I hate hate hate The Department of Social and Health Services. They are all run by a bunch of idiots. They say their job is to put families together I say bullshit to that.