Sunday, April 15, 2007

A good weekend

We had a lovely time this weekend. We spent a lot of time at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Heard a lot of really good music (Chuck Mangione, I luuurve you), heard some guys I had never heard of before but must now spend money on their music (Chris Botti - great, great musician...and not bad to look at either - that's him over there <--) or bought a CD after the show (Greg Adams...kind of looks like a younger version of Marshall Applewhite of Heaven's Gate fame, but whoa! what great music!!).

Anyway, it was really needed as we gear up for next week. We have a mediation scheduled to see if we can get E returned. Now they are saying they offered to place E with us (well, me, but B would have to live elsewhere) and we refused!!!! it was never offered. The closest thing to that was at our house with my MIL (or FIL) living here too. I must still be supervised with my son (sight and sound!!).

Well, if you get a chance to hear any of these great musicians, make time. I was duly impressed.

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