Thursday, January 11, 2007

Delurking Week

Delurking Week. Yes it is. I looked it up. That means that anyone who reads this blog must leave a comment. Yes, it does. If you don't I will sell your IP address to a Nigerian prince who will then steal all your 'monees.'

I will send you a Neiman-Marcus cookie.

I will give your address to the Scientologists (this happened to my brother and we got tons of junk mail for years).

I would love to read your comments. Call me a bitch. Call me a complainer. Say I couldn't write myself out of a paper bag. Just say something.

Or else.


CTG said...

I'M DELURKING...I SEEE I'm running and hiding again! (p.s. I'm sorry about all your court troubles...I get extremely pissed off on your behalf everytime I read about it!)

Sanny said...

Okay. Where are you? You have mail..