Thursday, May 11, 2006

Feeling Peevish

I was reading a blog the other day (okay, it was today) and the writer asked about 'pet peeves.' We all have them. I have many; perhaps more than most. Someone listed hallway etiquette as one of their pet peeves.

This got me thinking (hey! I get paid to think...not to think about inanities, but thinking is exercising my gray matter which will make me think better when I do finally start thinking about work, so there!).

So what is the correct hallway etiquette? When you approach someone. Do you smile? Do you nod? Do you say 'hello'. Do you stare down at the hallway as if the wisdom of the ages were somehow imprinted in the tiles of this Hallway to the Toilet.

What if it is someone you know? What if it isn't? Do you look at your feet? Do you look at their feet? What if you don't acknowlege them? Worse, what if you do and they don't? You will be humilliated.

What if you encounter a crowd that is blocking the hallway. Do you try to squeeze between someone and the wall? Do you brazenly stride through the middle, muttering 'excuse me' under your breath? Do you cowardly turn around and try to find another way to your destination?

And what about doorways? This is a whole new area. Do you open the door? How far away does someone have to be before you let the door slam in their face? What if someone is holding the door for you? Do you sprint so they don't have to hold it too long? Or slow down, a devilish grin splitting your face, making them wait longer?

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